Why you Need to Vacuum Daily

When it comes to doing housework,pulling the vacuum cleaner across the floor is not the toughest chore – it is, however, pretty boring and it can take a while to do it properly. It is no wonder than that many people leave this task for just once or twice a week. Many books have come out extolling the virtues of getting a little more lax when it comes to housework and, for the most part, there is no harm in that.

When someone in your family has severe allergies or a compromised immune system, however, you need to tackle this task daily. The truth be told, the task is never actually completely finished. People and pets are in and out of the house all day and dust and germs come in with them. These bugs take up residence in the carpet and quickly multilply creating a strong little colony – people walk into other rooms and the colony spreads.

Even if your home was empty, dust would still accummulate – it is a fact of life and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. All you can really do is to be prepared as best as possible. This means making sure that you vacuum every day. And not just the carpets – upholstered furniture and curtains and blinds are also dust traps. If you have someone at home who is affected by dust mites, this is the only sure way of dealing with these pernicious little bugs. An adjunct to this would be to have everything steam cleaned every few months.

Just one addendum here, it is better to steam clean the carpet if someone has allergies rather than having the carpet shampooed – industrial grade carpet shampoos can leave noxious fumes that stay in the fibers for a long time – not good for anyone who already has a sensitive airway. Steam cleaning is very effective at killing all manner of bugs and helps to refresh and restore the carpet – there is no need to employ dangerous and harmful chemicals at this stage. You can either have the carpets professionally cleaned or buy a steam cleaning machine yourself. Don’t forget the beds and couches as well.

So yes, having to do all this extra work is a bit of a pain but it is so important because it can really improve the quality of life of the people you love – do you really want to skimp on this one? You could always, in need, get someone in to help you out every now and again. You could also look at adding it to the chores of kids old enough to handle it – it is not that difficult to do and is not dangerous.